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Celebration in Maryland

After spending a day in Illinois with Dad’s brother’s family, we left for Maryland for the coming 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Dad’s parents, John and Margie.  Most of the family was gathering in the Baltimore area for a celebration on October 20… exactly 50 years from the day they wed.

Pirate cousins in IL – Myles, Daniel, and Jonathan

The Friday before, we gathered at Uncle Joe’s house for preparation for the celebration.  There was a large tent set up in the back yard.  It was a lot of fun to work with the family in getting the food preparation, decorations, party favors, and cleaning that needed to be done.

Food artists – Molly, Sara, Abby, and Samantha

The window cleaner

Saturday was the big day!  Last minute preparations kept us on our toes until the guests began to arrive.  Many of them hadn’t seen the family in years and lots of good conversation took place.  The meal began and visiting continued until the program.

The beautifully decorated tent

The program began by playing a recording of the wedding vows.  Then Grandpa and Nana got up and sang “My Tribute” and “Through it All.”  There was music by Mrs. Linda Greasley, Uncle Scott (who sang a song that he had written for Nana), grandson Myles and great-grandchildren Jay and Alexis sang “Jesus Loves Me,”  and our family sang/played a couple of songs. Deborah was able to sing a song that she had written as a gift for Nana and Grandpa.

“Jesus Love Me” – Lexi, Myles, and Jay (with a little help from Abby)

My Tribute -“To God be the glory for the things He has done”

After the guests left, it was family picture time!

The Fraser Family – 4 generations

Cousins- Deborah, Vickie, and Sara

It was a wonderful celebration and .  Thank you, Grandpa and Nana, for your encouraging testimony of 50 years of faithfulness to each other and to the Lord.  Thank you for the godly heritage that you have given us.  May God richly bless you!

50 years of faithfulness

On Sunday, our family gave a missions update at Faith Bible Church in Elkridge, where we also sang a few songs and taught children’s church.

Children’s church at Faith Bible Church

The following Monday, we spent the morning driving around seeing places that Dad used to go when he was growing up.  We even stopped at the park where he played soccer and played a little family football game, and then some of the younger ones ran up and down the hill that Dad’s soccer coach used to train the team.  We spent the afternoon/evening with Uncle Joe again and said our goodbyes.

Daniel kicking a field goal

“Coach” (Dad) explaining the routine

Tuesday morning we pulled out for North Carolina… watch for our next post!

Sixteen Days Away from Home

Suitcases, instruments, and sound equipment… we were really packed in there!

We recently returned from a big sixteen day trip out East… Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, and then on to Wisconsin.  As there were several destinations along the way and numerous events that took place, this will be a series of posts.

It was a wonderful trip and the Lord blessed our time tremendously.  Thank you for all of you who were praying for safety and fruitfulness… the Lord gave both.  Keep an eye out for the different posts about our trip because there will be lots of pictures and stories to share.

Beautiful fall colors in North Carolina