Set 3 & 4 Review

IMG_3436We had our last meeting for the school year on May 9.  For our singing time, the girls picked their favorites from the Bright Lights songbook.  We then had a short lesson reminding us of the importance of what we learned in Bright Lights this school year, and different ways that we can keep ourselves from forgetting it in the busyness of the summer.  The girls then went to spend some time with the Lord asking for His help to apply our Bright Lights lessons this summer, and to write a testimony of how He used Bright Lights to work in their lives this past school year.


Next, we divided into 4 different teams for a review quiz of Set 3 and 4 of the Bright Lights curriculum. We had a lot of fun, and it was a great way to jog our memory on the important truths that we learned this school year.





The winning team had the reward of going through the snack line first… and we had an ice cream sundae party to close out the meeting.  Each of the girls brought a different topping.  What a treat that was!



Everyone stayed past our usual ending time as we enjoyed fellowship with each other one last time for the school year.





And we finally managed to get a group picture!


May the Lord bless all of you young ladies as you seek to be strong for the Lord in your youth and shine as bright lights in this dark world.

Bright Lights, shining in the darkness.  Bright Lights, standing for the truth.
Bright Lights, serving the Lord in our youth.  Lighting up the world, Bright Lights!
Together we will be Bright Lights!

-Teresa Mott-


“He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty;

and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

–Proverbs 16:32–

January 3 was our first meeting of the new year, and we wrapped up Set 3 of the Bright Lights curriculum with the lesson of self-control.

During our lesson time, we looked at 2 Samuel 23 and learned about some of the amazing feats of some of King David’s mighty men.  As amazing and heroic as these deeds were, God’s word tells us that learning to control ourselves and be slow to anger is better than the mighty, and is greater than taking a city or other amazing acts of heroism.  Spiritual might is much greater that physical might.

To demonstrate how difficult self-control is, I had some of the girls come up and hold a piece of gum on their tongue without biting it. As their mouths began to water, it became increasingly hard to keep from chewing. In the same way, self-control is difficult and takes a lot of discipline. That’s why it’s important to cultivate self-control so that when a difficult situation arises we are prepared to respond in a godly way.

Object lesson: hold a piece of gum on your tongue without biting it
It’s getting hard!

We talked about automatic responses and how we often respond to irritations in the wrong way.  As young ladies seeking to be bright lights, our goal should be to have “automatic” responses of the Spirit rather than of the flesh.  We want godly responses to be our reflex in difficult situations.  Irritations provide us the perfect opportunity to practice self-control in our lives. We should look at irritations as tests and opportunities which bring blessings from the Lord when we respond correctly. Just as a beautiful pearl is formed through an irritation, our character is formed through properly responding to irritations that arise.

For our activity time, each small group was given a scenario for which they had to come up with a skit showing how someone might respond without self-control.  Then, using Scripture, they shared how self-control could be applied that particular situation.  As always, there was a lot of fun and laughter as the skits were presented to the large group.

Scenario: what happens when there are only 2 cookies left for 4 girls
Scenario:  what happens when you mom asks you to do your sister's chore
Scenario: what happens when your mom asks you to do your sister’s chore
Scenario: what happens in your room when the alarm clock goes off in the morning
Scenario: what happens in your room when the alarm clock goes off in the morning
Scenario: what happens when someone keeps criticizing your artwork

During our tea time, we took the time to sing to all of the December birthday girls… Lily, Calli, Abby, Katie, and Hannah.  Happy birthday girls!


On November 29, all twenty girls and leaders gathered for a Bright Lights meeting on humility.

We learned that the word humility comes from the word Latin “humus” which means “of the ground” or “dirt”.  Humility is putting ourselves below or underneath, or giving someone else the upper position; it is an attitude of service and submission toward others.  We also talked about pride and its terrible consequences, and how it keeps us from being strong for the Lord in our youth.

During our lesson time, we were interrupted by a breaking newsflash from BLN (Bright Lights Network) News.  Reporter Alicia Sparks filled us in on an incidence that happened at a mission center donation processing hall.

Elizabeth and Jennifer (a.k.a. Sara and Havala)

From watching the security cameras at the center, it seems that two wealthy sisters – Miss Anna and Miss Sophia Proudhart – sold a very valuable gold ring and gave all of the proceeds as a donation. Yet, both of them fell dead after saying that they had given all the money.

Anna Proudhart – having just given a donation of 4 – ahem – $2,000

An interview with Elizabeth and Jennifer from the mission center indicated that they believed that pride – wanting to make themselves look as good as possible – was the reason for the fall and destruction of the Proudhart sisters… similar to the story of Ananias and Sapphira from the book of Acts.

Special thanks to Hannah, Havala, Deborah, and Abby for helping with the skit!

Anna, Sophia, and Alicia (a.k.a. Hannah, Deborah, and Abby)

We wrapped up with an object lesson using balloons.  We talked about how a balloon with no air is soft and pliable – in the same way God is able to use a humble person to bring Him much glory.  I then had a volunteer come up and blow up a balloon as much as she could and we talked about how a balloon with air is puffed up and can only be one shape – in the same way pride makes us consumed with ourselves and useless for God’s work.  Then we popped the balloon to remind us that pride is dangerous and leads to destruction.  As young ladies seeking to be bright lights for Jesus, we want to be humble – like the soft and pliable balloon – so that God can use us for His glory.

For our activity we divided into small groups to complete a humility test containing questions that required answers from the Bible.  However, the girls weren’t able to use a Bible, but rather had to use a set of note cards that had the Bible verses that they needed.  The only problem was that there was only one set of cards and so the teams had to trade to get the cards they needed.  To complicate things even more, there were 4 different penalty cards to slow the teams down.  Whenever a team started doing jumping jacks, singing “Joy to the World” really loud, lining up to get a drink at the water fountain, or running upstairs and back down again – everyone knew that they had gotten a penalty card.  It was a fun activity.  Unfortunately, we were having too much fun to take pictures.

As always we enjoyed our tea and fellowship time.  Autumn brought chocolate cupcakes, and Louisa & Olivia brought pumpkin bars (thanks girls!).  We have a lot of talented cooks in our group!

Enjoying tea, snacks, and fellowship

Remember, we will be going caroling for our next meeting… don’t forget to bring some goodies for the cookie plates we’d like to make.


We had a wonderful Bright Lights meeting on November 15.  The Lord really blessed our time as we learned about meekness.

Meekness is a word that we don’t often hear anymore, yet its even more rare to see this character trait in someone’s life.  Meekness is giving up our rights and dying to our wants knowing that God is in control.  Although the world often thinks of meekness as weakness, it couldn’t be more opposite.  It takes a lot of self-control and strength to respond meekly to situations in which others violate our “rights”.

We learned about the meek examples of Moses, Corrie ten Boom, and Abraham Lincoln.  We also studied the meekness of our Savior, Jesus Christ – the ultimate example of meekness.  He left the glories of heaven (John 1:14), submitted to the will of His Father (John 8:28-29), and gave up physical comforts (Matt. 8:20).  He has set a pattern for us this area of our lives.

Meekness is a good way to stop an argument, because it is giving up our “right” to win an argument.  It is the ability not to argue because you realize that there is nothing to win, but much to lose.  Just as Proverbs 15:1 tells us that a soft answer turns away wrath, a meek response softens hearts and changes attitudes.

As part of the lesson, Deborah told us the Pineapple Story about missionary Otto Koning.  Otto planted a pineapple garden in Paupa New Guinea where he was a missionary, but the natives kept stealing the pineapples before he could get to them.  After nearly 6 years of anger and frustration, Otto yielded up his right to own the garden and gave it to God.  It was only after he understood that everything that he owned actually belonged to God and he could trust Him to take care of His property, that God was able to use Otto to bring others to salvation.

We, too, need to have this proper perspective of stewardship.  Meekness is trusting God to protect us, our reputation, our possessions – all the the things that are important to us – rather than fighting for these things ourselves.  When we surrender our “rights” to God, that is when we experience true joy (Isaiah 29:19)

After the lesson, each girl had some time to fill out a worksheet on surrendering our rights to God.  Then we split up into small groups for some discussion on how we can apply meekness in our lives in everyday situations.

For our activity, each small group had to find 6 balloons (in their color) around the church.  Each balloon had a Scripture reference inside.  They had to pop the balloons, look up the references, and write down what the verse said about the blessings of meekness.  The groups were racing against each other to see who could finish first.

Our yummy snacks were provided by Addison and Lily.  And we also had some pineapple to remind us of the Pineapple Story.


November 1 was the second official meeting of this year of Bright Lights.  The meeting was led by Mindy Caron, since we (the Frasers) were out of town on a ministry trip.

Maria and Autumn

The lesson was on the topic of sensitivity – seeing the needs of others.  Mindy asked the girls to evaluate whether they were givers or takers, and then took some time to contrast the difference between the two (download this list).  For example, a giver will be focused on others while a taker will be focus on herself.  Mindy also talked about how when is comes to being sensitive to others, we should start at home, because who we are at home is our true character.  The lesson was followed by a good discussion time.

A giver vs. a taker

Snacks and fellowship were enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Hannah, Autumn, and Lily for supplying snacks.

Snacks and fellowship

I just want to thank all of you who helped Mindy with different aspects of the meeting (snacks, clean-up, etc.)… thank you for being sensitive to her needs and being bright lights for Jesus.    May the Lord bless all of you for your servant’s hearts.  And of course, thank you, Mindy, for taking time out of your busy home schedule to share with the girls while we were gone…  and a special thank you to Elianna for being such a big help to your mom!  I can’t wait to see all of you girls again on November 15.

Silly faces! Hannah, Lily, Calli, Betty, Jenna, Mindy, and Elianna