One of our many new experiences on our trip south was going to Sonic for the first time. Yes, that’s right. Being from Minnesota, we were able to figure out pretty quickly why a drive-in restaurant wouldn’t work so well up there during the nine cold months of the year…who would want to be running in and out of the building to bring people their food?

Anyways, our first visit went something like this. (See if you can follow the dialogue.)P1263421Hungry children: “Okay, what are the options?”

Back-seat children: “What’s that one sandwich there…Oh wait, that other one looks good.”

Mom: “Why don’t we write everything down before we start giving them our order.”

Bacon-eaters: “Ooo, bacon options! Definitely one of those. But, which one should I get?”

Sister: “Oh, you can order breakfast! Maybe I’ll do that.”

Fry-eater: “Look, you can get fries or tater tots. Fries.”

P1263419Daniel: “I can’t see very well. I’m just going to get out and go look at the board.”

Dad: “How does this work anyway? Oh, there’s a worker–flag him down.”

Mom (rolling down window): “Excuse me!”

Smiling worker: “Yes ma’am?”

Mom: “Um, this is our first time at Sonic…”

Smiling worker (with shocked expression): “Really?”

Mom: “Yes, so we’re not really sure how this works.”

Smiling worker: “Well just push the button when you’re ready to order and then I’ll bring your food out to you.”

Mom: “Thank you!”

Long minutes later…

Mom (with notepad): “Okay, so let me check and make sure I have this right…”

Several: “I want mine without that condiment.”

Undecided persons: “Oh, there’s different lemonade flavors? Maybe I’ll do one of those…”P1263423More minutes later…

Mom: “Okay, I think we’re ready to order.”

(Button is pushed.)

Friendly lady: “Hello!…”

Three orders later…

Dad: “There’s seven of us, so we still have a little ways to go.”

Friendly lady, laughing: “This is fun!”

It sure is.

Dad (nearing end of order): “We’re from Minnesota so this is our first time ever being at a Sonic.”

Friendly lady: “Oh, welcome to Sonic! How about we throw in an ice cream cone for each of you! Do want them first or after your meal?”

In short order, our meals arrive by the smiling worker.

Ordering at restaurants is always an adventure for our family.P1263427The food was great, and the workers were so friendly. Before we left, Abby thought we should go sing a song for them. Of course, Sonic is not a restaurant you go into, but we all piled out of the van and knocked on the building door anyway. We asked if we could sing them a song, and they graciously agreed. They all gathered by the door while we sang “The Lord Loves Me.” It really was a special moment.

And it might have been the first time a fast-food restaurant on that trip got our order right.P1263428If you are ever in Montgomery, Alabama, stop by Sonic. These folks would be happy to see you!

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