Winter Retreat +


The lake front covered in snow {Photo by Erica W.)

Deborah, Abigail, and I (Sara) just got back from a wonderful weekend of Bible study and fellowship at Storybook Lodge.  Winter Retreat +, for young people ages 17 and up, started with supper on Wednesday. We were happy to see quite a few friends that we already knew. Much of our time was spent in Bible study, in which we were digging into the book of Hosea… 14 chapters in two days and one evening.  It was intense, but we learned a lot.


Dan leading one of the study sessions

One of the things that really stood out to me in our study was God’s love and patience toward His backsliding people.  The book of Hosea shows us a glimpse of God’s heart as He yearns for Israel to return to Him from her harlotry to a restored relationship with Him, and how much her sin pains and grieves Him.


Singing before a study session

During our free time we enjoyed numerous games and fellowship.

IMG_1068 (1)

Abby participated in the volleyball tournament one afternoon…


…and the soccer tournament the next day


We learned how to play “President” one afternoon


Deb and I played pool with some friends – it was intensely competitive (just kidding)


Deb and Abby enjoyed playing “I Have Never…” one night

We enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, as well as making new friends!


Abby and Aidan


Solange, Abby, & Bernice


Abby, Deborah, Hosanna, Sara, & Kelly


Erica (who we met at the St. Cloud Bright Lights conference) and I

After the retreat, our friends, Jordan and Aidan, drove us to their house for the night (where the rest of our family came to meet us), and we had quite the adventure along the way!  There wasn’t enough room for everything in the trunk, so a couple of things (including Jordan’s snowboard) were tied to the top of the car.


An hour or so down the highway, it slid to the back of the car roof and we had to stop and fix it.  We started down the road, but had to stop again because the front end of the snowboard was lifting up in the air (we were going to fly home!).  We needed another rope, but since there wasn’t one, Jordan and Aidan made one of out of duct tape – it worked well and the rest of the trip was uneventful… and I learned the reason why you should never leave home without duct tape!


Making the duct tape rope

Our family enjoyed spending Sunday morning at the chapel in Rockford, MN, and were really blessed by the “sharpening” conversations that took place.

We girls greatly enjoyed and were encouraged by our first time at Winter Retreat + and hope that we can go again next year!  Maybe we’ll see you there.


Everyone attending Winter Retreat + {Photo by Ezra G.}

*Thank you, Hannah and Annie, for sending me photos for this post!

2 thoughts on “Winter Retreat +

  1. ANNIE

    I loved this post, Sara! So fun to see the pictures I hadn’t seen yet. 🙂 Glad we were able to be at WR+ together!

    Miss you all! Lily says hi. 😀


    Thanks for posting these pictures!! That game of pool was so competitive . . . I was never sure who was going to win!! lol 😉 just kidding 😉

    It was SO much fun to see you girls there, and I hope it’s not too long before I see you again!!


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