Set 1 Review

We were really excited for our first regular Bright Lights meeting of the school year (we enjoyed our annual kick-off meeting a couple of weeks before).  Although it was a small group, it was a very blessed evening.  For our lesson time, we took time to review through Set 1 of the Bright Lights curriculum since it is foundational to the rest of what we will be learning throughout the school year.img_4616We talked about:

img_4620We pointed out that to be strong for the Lord and be a bright light for Him, we must be willing to stand alone.  The world’s way is going in the opposite direction of God’s way.  We want to make it our goal to seek the Lord’s best for our lives, follow the principles in His Word, and seek to be strong for Him in our youth.  Our light will grow brighter and we will be a radiant testimony for the Lord.  God can do amazing things through those who live a life that’s totally sold out to Him.

For our activity time, we a played the “Balloon Pop” game.  Each girl got a balloon and a string and were supposed to tie the balloon around their ankle.  Then they had to try to pop each others balloons.  When someone’s balloon popped, everyone had to stop and listen to her share what she learned from the lesson.  It was a fun, active game and a great way to hear what stood out to everyone from our study.

img_4637img_4645We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship over tea and snacks.  And since we had some extra time, we played the blanket name game to help remember everyone’s names.

img_4668We are looking forward to seeing you all again as we start Set 3 on October 27!


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