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Midwest 26 Below

Shortly after getting home from South Carolina, the siblings headed out to Iowa for a conference. We picked up a few friends along the way…including two who flew in from New Mexico.

Brady Collier spoke on the theme of “God’s Path for You.” The message topics included salvation, commitment to total obedience to Christ, marriage, work, the church, the Great Commission, and intimacy with Christ. Here are some thoughts from the notes I took.

In whatever place you are, God is calling you to be His missionary today. Will you obey? It’s hard but always worth it.

Part of God’s path for you is to serve the church, other Christians. You never graduate out of the local church. The assembling of ourselves together is a safety net.

Your life is going to be the average of your top five acquaintances. Find passionate believers and get close to them.

What does “Go and make disciples of all nations” look like for you? Jesus Christ started where He was with making disciples, and went out from there. Personal discipleship along with the local church is God’s means for changing the world.

Little bitty people like us can accomplish great things when we do it in the power of God.

missions Q&A panel, where someone said, “You are called to a Person, not a place.” You follow that Person to the places He leads.

If you are dedicated without an intimate relationship with Christ you will become a Pharisee, just going through the motions. Be a person consumed with knowing God.

You need to learn to think like God through His Word. The more you spend time in His Word the more you will think like Him.

Redirect your thirst [for whatever it is] to the Object of your thirst for which it was created.

Abide in Me. God’s heart is to have a relationship with me.

Even if you’re not feeling it, abide—wrestle until you prevail (like Jacob).

Don’t forget the main thing—your relationship with Christ.

sunday morning worship

There were also a few breakout sessions taught by different people that included the topics of discipleship, dealing with fear and anxiety, and world missions.

During our last meal, when the conference was over, Micah Tuttle stood up on a chair and got everyone’s attention, and then preached to us a passionate message to live obedient lives in such a way that we could gladly say like the Apostle John, “Come, Lord Jesus!”He also gave a challenge in the discipleship session I went to that I want to end this with…

“One man wakes, awakens another. Second one wakes his next door brother. Three awake can rouse a town and turn the whole place upside down. Many awake will cause such a fuss, it will awake all of us. One man wakes with dawn in his eyes, surely then it multiplies.” (Lawrence Tribble)

Be that one person to wake someone else up. Discipleship is the most effective way of multiplication.